Sharon True Pilates

personal training and classes

in the beautiful Berkshires

Sharon has taught Pilates and other forms of movement, dance and exercise for over 35 years. She skillfully incorporates her extensive background into exercise sessions that provide a cheerful, safe, and appropriately challenging environment for improving physical fitness, even for those with special needs. She creates workouts that enable her clients and students to do more than they think they can, and to enjoy the pleasure of movement.

  • Pilates Workouts--Get in shape and stay that way with personalized, one-on-one workouts for all ages and abilities. Private, fully-equipped Pilates studio, located in a woodland setting in Great Barringon, Massachusetts. Specializing in therapeutic Pilates for post-rehab healing from injuries and surgeries, managing stress, aging gracefully, and improving quality of life for those coping with impairments. 

  • Pelvic Floor Exercise--Regain body confidence and control "down there" so you can enjoy an active lifestyle. Lectures, classes, workshops, small group "parties," and private training in pelvic floor awareness and exercise that go way beyond Kegels. 

  • Somatic Movement Therapy--Feeling disconnected from your body, or certain parts of your body? Reconnect with Somatic Movement Therapy. Using balls, foam rollers, and healing touch to find the way back to your body.

Physical fitness is the first requisite of happiness.

--Joseph H. Pilates

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