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Pilates Workouts


Pilates Studio Workouts with Equipment

Look better. Feel better. Move better.

No matter what your age or condition, Pilates workouts with Sharon's discerning eye and capable hands get the results you want. Therapeutic movement and bodywork included when needed.


  • One hour session: $95  Cash, check, or PayPal

  • Pre-paid packages of sessions by arrangement

Young sporty woman working out at home,

Like working out at home?

Consider arranging online mat workouts to do yourself or with some friends!

1 hour Pilates, pelvic floor exercise, or movement therapy matwork in the comfort of your living room. Contact Sharon to discuss your interests.


  • One hour session: $95  Check or PayPal

  • Prepaid packages of sessions by arrangement

Online Mat Workouts via Zoom

Pelvic Floor

Pelvic Floor Pilates

Hope and help for distressing
pelvic floor issues

Incontinence, prolapse, pain with sex, and just not feeling right "down there." Before you are forced to depend on adult diapers, or accept the risks and side effects associated with surgery or pharmaceuticals, see what you can do on your own with just a few minutes a day of targeted pelvic floor exercise that goes way beyond Kegels. 


  • One-hour session: $95 Cash, check, or PayPal

  • Ready to get this done? 8-week commitment recommended. Sliding scale offered to motivated clients.

  • Follow-up sessions via Zoom or equivalent by arrangement

Somatic Movement Therapy

Achieve body-mind integration
through movement

We use a variety of balls and other small equipment to increase sensory awareness, reduce pain, and improve movement ability. Helpful for post-rehab from injuries or surgeries.


  • One hour session: $95   Cash, check or PayPal

  • Prepaid packages of sessions by arrangement

Somatic Movement
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