"I can't tell you how lucky I am to have found you and found Pilates. I would have stiffened up!"
"What I like best is the personal touch of being with an instructor who is understanding and knowledgeable."
"Also wanted to let you know that I had absolutely no incidences of physical discomfort in all of our endless walking—days and days of it, which I attribute to my Pilates sessions.  I don’t think I would have come away so unscathed without the work.
Thank you!!"
"I come to Sharon to stretch out my stress. I'm always in a better mood when I finish. Always."
"It's amazing how strong your body can be when you organize your body first."
"My toes like this! They never get a chance to move like this."
"It’s a cheap price to pay for grace."
"A strong core has made it easier to carry things, to reach for things, especially on a shelf shoulder-high or higher, easier to walk, particularly up and down hills; to climb stairs; to do yoga; to get out of bed.  Having a strong core of the body makes
almost all physical effort easier
on the arms and legs."

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