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Getting Grounded with the Pelvic Floor

pfilates is a tidy package of exercises for pelvic floor toning. See how far you can get with two or three exercises, twice a day for five minutes!

I have been studying the pelvic floor since 2013, when I first developed some alarming problems with incontinence following major attacks of coughing from a whooping cough-like virus. I became certified in pFilates™, which I have appreciated as a tidy little package of familiar exercises done in a pelvic-floor focused way. pFilates™ (pronounced Fi-la-tes, like Pfeiffer) solved my incontinence problem after about 6 weeks of near-daily practice, followed by ongoing touch-ups as needed. Now I have some bladder prolapse, a sagging of my bladder into the vaginal wall, and I am re-upping my pFilates, as well as studying many new approaches so I have many tools in my toolkit for helping others who suffer. I have been amazed by the explosion of new approaches to this age-old problem for post-partum and menopausal women, which are now also being applied to men with prostate issues and even elite young dancers and athletes who experience incontinence due to being too tight. It truly is a good time to get help with "land down under" problems. Suffer no more! See the Classes and Workshops page on this website for information about a Pelvic Floor discussion group I am participating in that starts in October.

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