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Your Pelvic Floor Wants to Be Friends

Let's face it. Many of us have a complicated relationship with our pelvic floor muscles. When we think of "down there" do we have contented, happy feelings? Or unhappy feelings due to traumas those muscles have been through? The first step to healing pelvic floor issues such as incontinence, organ prolapse, and pain is to get to know the pelvic floor in a positive way. Being curious, gentle and kind goes a long way toward relaxing the muscles enough so that they can learn something new, such as exercises that allow them to regain their full ability to change shape, be flexible and appropriately responsive when challenged.

Some of my pelvic floor exercise clients have found it helpful to give their pelvic floor muscles a name. Wonder Woman anyone? Then you and Wonder Woman can start getting together to experiment with pelvic floor health-affirming habits and exercises and see what works for her (and you). Listen to what she says, even though she may not speak in words but in feelings and sensations.

This may sound silly, but why not try it? Your pelvic floor most likely has more life history and personality than say, your arm. It can make your journey toward healing a little more playful and interesting, more of a partnership than a chore.

Food for thought!

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