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My Hip Trip

On February 28, 2019 I had my right hip replaced at 8 AM by Dr. Stephen Murphy of New England Baptist Hospital. I was deemed qualified to have the surgery as an outpatient (!!) at his clinic at North Atlantic Surgical Suites in Salem, New Hampshire. The surgery went well, allowing me to return home that same day to begin the process of recovery and rehabilitation, supervised by a Physical Therapist from the local visiting nurse association. The month of March and the beginning of April--six surprisingly short weeks--were devoted to healing and questions, questions, questions . . . What have I learned, both as a movement professional and as "just me" about this trip I’ve been on with my right hip? What do I wish I had known? What will I never know? I decided to blog about it, not only to sort it out for myself, but also to give someone else who might be facing hip surgery a leg up (ha, ha!) on what might be in store. DISCLAIMER: Everyone’s situation is unique. This is just one story, and should not be considered medical advice. See a health care professional for your personal situation.

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