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Pilates as Stress Reducer

Did you know that mind-body fitness is a great way to manage stress? Most of us think of the body as a source of stress--its aches, pains, imperfections. But doing a form of mindful movement such as Pilates helps you to move your stress along, or as Drs. Emily and Amelia Sagorski, twin sisters and authors of the book Burn Out: The Secret to Unlocking the Stress Cycle put it "complete the stress cycle." You see, just because the source of the stress goes away, we are still often left with our response to stress--hyperventilating, rushing around, feeling tight and, well you probably know what happens in YOUR body. The body needs you to take some action to help complete the stress cycle. Pilates is perfect for that. Smoothly flowing, breathing, paying attention, using the whole body. The level of difficulty can always be modified if you need a slower session. Or, pumped up, if that's how you roll! I see is all the time in the eyes of my clients. Blissful expressions on their faces and/or bright and alert eyes, raring to go!

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